Hyland Rocket RPA API Helper: .Net dll to connect to the Hyland RPA API from e.g. Hyland OnBase

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Link: https://github.com/marchorst/Hyland.Rocket.RPA.ApiHelper

With this dll you are able to connect to the Hyland RPA API.

Welcome to Hyland Rocket RPA API Helper

With this dll you are able to connect to the Hyland RPA API.

Getting started


You can get the latest version in the releases here:


Name Version Target Framework Download
Newtonsoft.Json 11.0.2 net452 https://nuget.info/packages/Newtonsoft.Json/11.0.2
RestSharp 106.15.0 net452 https://nuget.info/packages/RestSharp/106.15.0

You can use any other version from the dependencies as well, but it is yet tested only with these versions.

Connect throw the API

// Initialize the API Connection
var rpaApiObject = new RpaApi("https://your.domain.without.ending.slash", "CLIENTID", "USERNAME", "PASSWORD");

Create a new Task

To create a new task you can either use the Create Method with some parameters or create a new "NewTask" object and use this as your parameter.

Example create a new Task with a DataTable

// Create a dummy DataTable if you want
var dt = new DataTable("Table");

// Serialize it with the RpaHelper
var inputData = RpaHelper.SerializeDataTable(dt);

// Create a new Task
// 1.
ITask task = rpaApiObject.Tasks.Create(1, inputData);

// rpaApiObject.TasksRoute() and rpaApiObject.Tasks are the same
// You can create a new task either with the method above or use a "NewTask" Object as parameter.

// 2.
var newTaskObject = new NewTask()
	checkDiversity = true,
	diversity = "Test",
	inputData = inputData,
	processId = 1,
	redoable = true,
	type = RpaTaskType.PRO

ITask task2 = rpaApiObject.TasksRoute().Create(newTaskObject);

Get a Task by TaskID

To get a Task by the TaskID you can either use an ITask object or use the TaskID as an integer.

ITask task = rpaApiObject.TasksRoute().Get(task);


Serialize a DataTable

RpaHelper.SerializeDataTable(DataTable table)

Serialize to JSON

RpaHelper.ToJson(object o)

Serialize any other

RpaHelper.Serialize(T obj)

Additional hints

OnBase Studio

When trying to import the Dlls' to the OnBase Studio, you have to be sure that all three Dlls' are in the same folder from where you import them.

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